Pretzelle live in Fukuoka

”Pretzelle live in Fukuoka”

date : Feb 13th (2月13日)

time 18:00 open
18:30 start

ticket : FREE (plus 1drink order)

venue : livehouse&club PEACE

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“Pretzelle(from Thailand)”

PRETZELLE is a Thai girl group managed by 54 Entertainment. The group comprises three members, Inc, Aumaim, and Grace, and has become a significant name in the T-Pop industry since their debut on May 28, 2020, with “PRETZELLE Day.” Their music has quickly gained popularity and found a place in popular culture, featuring in TV dramas and animations like “Love Revolution” and “Teteru.” The group’s rise continued with the release of their hit single “First Love” in 2021, which earned them a Best Female Group nomination at Thailand’s TOTY Music Awards.

PRETZELLE’s musical evolution is evident in their subsequent releases, including the mini-albums “Ready or Not?” and “ORIGINAL.” These releases include tracks such as “Baby Boy,” “Imagine,” “U R Mine,” and “No Choice,” which have gained widespread acclaim. As they approach their fourth anniversary, PRETZELLE is not just about music, but also about growth and exploration. The group’s dedication is seen in their expanding skill set, including guitar playing, acting, and songwriting, and their desire for international collaborations.

Their work has achieved remarkable success on digital platforms, with their unique Thai flavor of music garnering both domestic and international acclaim. “U R Mine” is a testament to their growing fanbase, capturing the essence of their unique sound and style. Their covers, especially the Thai versions of Korean songs, have also received widespread praise.

A significant milestone in their journey was their first-ever solo concert in Bangkok on January 20th. The sold-out event highlighted their popularity and the enthusiastic support of their fans. Additionally, their participation in events like the Singapore Music Festival, Showcase in Singapore, Malaysia, and a Tokyo Showcase in 2023 illustrates their expanding influence and the growing reach of T-Pop globally.

PRETZELLE’s journey is a blend of innovative music, an expanding international presence, and a deep connection with fans through various platforms and events, marking them as a prominent name in the music industry.

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